What type of certification do your guides need to do a brewery tour?

The quality of information brewery tours deliver is directly related to the experience of the tour guides.  At BREW-ed, we understand that anyone visiting Asheville could simply walk between craft breweries downtown and sample the local beer.  Making the choice to sign up for a brewery tour in Asheville means you are looking for something extra.  That is why BREW-ed requires every tour guide to be a Certified Cicerone or higher, meaning that every tour is led by an internationally recognized expert when it comes to beer.

What is a Cicerone?

The Cicerone Certification program was developed to improve beer service at bars and restaurants and has become the beer world’s equivalent to the sommelier program for wine.  As craft beer has become a multi-billion dollar industry, having knowledgeable people serving it has become a priority.  The Cicerone program is comprised of four levels: Certified Beer Server, Certified Cicerone, Advanced Cicerone and Master Cicerone.  Those who have earned the title of Certified Cicerone have successfully completed a four hour exam that covers a variety of topics concerning beer.  Everything from how it’s made, to how draft systems work, to what foods certain beers pair best with is addressed.  Candidates are also required to complete a multipart tasting exam where they are asked to correctly identify beer styles as well as potential off flavors that beers might develop.  The exam has roughly a 40% pass rate, meaning those who have earned this certification know their stuff when it comes to beer. 

Why are BREW-ed brewery tour guides experts?

Anyone with a van can drive people between breweries in Asheville.  BREW-ed’s tours are unique in that guests are always led by an industry expert.  BREW-ed’s goal is to make sure that any question asked by a tour participant will be answered correctly and in a way that truly educates.  By the end of a BREW-ed brewery tour, our guests have a much deeper understanding of the world of craft beer.  That’s why we require our guides to be experts.  It’s so we can offer the best brewery tours in Asheville.