Getting started with your own beer education is exciting, but knowing where to begin can be difficult.  I've created the following list of resources to help.  Best part is that you can buy them directly from my site through Amazon.com.

Beer Books for Everyone

Tasting Beer, by Randy Mosher, is regarded as the "unofficial textbook" for the Certified Cicerone exam.  This text covers everything from the ingredients in beer to the brewing process to glassware and beer styles.  A must have for anyone interested in learning more about beer.

Brooklyn Brewery's Brewmaster Garrett Oliver does an amazing job of illustrating the world of beer and food pairing in a way that is never boring and leaves the reader with a clear understanding of this often frightening topic.

The Oxford Companion to Beer is an encyclopedia for beer.  Every topic from how barley is grown to individual names and histories of glassware is covered.  Not one you'll read from cover to cover, but it's an amazing resource to have at your side.

books about the science of beer

To truly understand how beer is made, you have to know what's going on inside all of those brewery tanks.  The Chemistry of Beer provides detailed explanations about every step in the process from how minerals in water can make or break a beer to how carbonation works to change the flavor of beer.

The late Dr. George Fix wrote one of the most comprehensive books on the Science of Beer.  If you want to know WHY something is happening in your brewery, this book will explain it. 

Yeast is what makes wort turn into beer.  These single cell organisms are an incredibly important part of brewing and this text will help you understand what they're really all about.

Water is the main ingredient in beer, making up 85-95% of every beer.  Often overlooked, the composition of the water you use in the brewery can have dramatic effects on the flavors in your finished beer.  If you want to understand the importance of minerals in your water, John Palmer's text is a must read.

This page is new and will be updated..  Please check back often for more recommendations